Our Clients About Daycenta Experience

As a company, our mission is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients. For us, it's incredibly rewarding to know that we've been a part of helping them grow and thrive.

Daycenta for Administrators

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Transition to Daycenta was smooth and easy

Daycenta takes care of our admission, compliance, HR, billing, payroll and reporting.

I can recommend this software to the adult day care industry.

Margarita Zavelon
Program Director

Daycenta for Billing

Saves time by eliminates routine tasks and paperwork

Since we switched to Daycenta, the account receivables take a few minutes. We are able to bill all our clients electronically via ebilling and e-remittance.

Daycenta has a lot of features that save time by eliminates routine tasks and paperwork.

Maria Vidimskaya
Billing Department

Easy-to-use yet sophisticated billing system

My company has 15 contracts with several hundred cases each, and billing was always a major challenge. We were constantly losing money due to the fact that the software we were using for the past seven years could not provide the accuracy and flexibility we have now. Those factors are big issues.

Since we switched to Daycenta, the entire billing and accounts receivable takes a few minutes. Daycenta does everything for you. And I'm pleased to report that our profit margins are up.

Tony V.,
Billing Department

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Daycenta for Human Resources

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Daycenta trainers brought all of us up to speed in no time

Daycenta lets me stay 100% on top of all compliance for my company.

Daycenta's trainers brought all of us up to speed in no time, and they're always there for support. Everybody in the office is really happy that we finally switched to Daycenta.

Nicole Rybalsy
HFC, Human Resources

Made our jobs so much easier

I am a human resources supervisor of a company with more than 1,200 home health aides. Daycenta gives me everything that is necessary to be in full compliance with current government regulations.

The software is so user-friendly, and the product is simply great to work with. Daycenta made our jobs so much easier.

Mary Tkachuk
HR Supervisor

Daycenta for Schedulers, Case Coordinators & Nursing Supervisors

Coordinating has never been easier

Since using Daycenta, the coordinating [cases] has never been easier.

Features like a dashboard allow you to view anuthing at a glance.

I camn also do my work from anywhere, even from home or on the road

Ivan Martinez
Case Coordinator

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My professional experience as a case coordinator spans more than 12 years.

At times, it seem almost impossible that I've been in this industry for so long. I think that may be because I'm so dedicated to my work. Helping to turn lives around gives me tremendous satisfaction and a great sense of personal accomplishment.

I am quite familiar with most of the home care industry management software, because software is an integral part of my everyday work. It was a big plus when I discovered Daycenta, because the software makes my life so much easier.

To give you some examples, authorizations and employee compliance are very high priority with me when it comes to scheduling an open case. Daycenta provides unique features that track authorization, allow me to instantly communicate with multiple HHAs in seconds via text right from the software, include electronic visit verification tracking, and full compliance.

It saves me time and helps to improves the quality of services. I spend less time on routine tasks and have more time covering more cases.

Another plus is that it's really fun to work with this incredible cloud-based software. I can check on schedules from anywhere from home, or even in transit, solve any problems, find a replacement, etc.

Daycenta constantly improves and upgrades its features. Just last week they’ve improved their visual HHA availability search on the map. Now I can mass-text or mass-email to all aids in the vicinity of my patient using a private text number and get their responses back on my own cell.

It’s not like I contact them often, but to me it’s important that Daycenta support is always there to help and immediately address my questions.

Most importantly, I am confident about Daycenta reliability and security and I recommend Daycenta to any home care agency out there.

To address the previous review, I think you might benefit a lot and do more with Daycenta by not skipping training and dedicating some real time and effort to it.

Tural Abbasov
Supervisor of Coordination Department at Home Family Care