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Adult Day Care Management Solution

Daycenta, the ultimate in advanced adult daycare management software, is a cloud-based platform that features the next generation of robust workflow management and financial software solutions for both medical and non-medical adult day care facility.

Additionally, Daycenta has also earned a reputation as a software of choice for medical adult day care.

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Agile Cloud-Based System

Unlike the competition, Daycenta has eliminated outdated technology, setting new standards with a platform specifically tailored to serve medical and non-medical adult day care.

Daycenta's clients are very receptive to leveraging the finest daycare care management and financial management technology in today's growing market. The robust new model is based on the convenience of software as a service combined with the concept of agile development.

77% of daycare businesses stating that management software makes the biggest impact on their daily operations.*

95% of all operational errors could be avoided by using the right software.*

* The numbers based on customer surveys conducted by our company during the period from 2016-2020. Last updated December 1, 2020.
Daycenta Features

Daycenta Solution Seamlessly Speaks to the Bottom Line

In addition to technological software advances, one of Daycenta's greatest strengths is its ability to offer premium level service at a cost-effective price. The bottom line is that this saves clients a tremendous amount of time and money.

Daycenta measurably reduces agency operating expenses, simplifies audits, and provides an unprecedented transparency for stakeholders. It also speaks to the bottom line with increased profitability.

Switch to Daycenta

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Deploy a set of technologies and strategies available through Daycenta.

Let the Daycenta Training & Support to improve your organization.

Do More with Less

Open platform

Free up your resources and time, allowing you to do more.

Daycenta will automate your operations in scheduling, compliance and billing.

Enjoy Growth

Feature Analytics

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Energize your sales and expand your business with new features that are offered throughout our management portals.

Let Daycenta do the rest.

Daycenta team has an in-depth understanding of the diverse challenges that health care providers and daye care management facilities are constantly dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

This includes quality improvement initiatives that measure performance, accountability and security compliance. As the demand for medical and non-medical adult day care management continues to increase, the demand for services and management improvements will also increase.

It's very easy to gain a detailed overview of our software. Why not schedule a Daycenta demo today?


Feature-Rich Platform

Daycenta's feature-rich software not only delivers all the solutions necessary to achieve(take out your company) growth and profitability goals, but also goes further to seamlessly provide the newest technological innovations to give your business a competitive edge, including:

  • Dashboard and Checkpoints Customized to Your Role
  • Electronic Billing for All Insurance Carriers, MLTC, CHAR and Medicaid
  • Seamless Integration with Clearing Houses, such as MDOL and RelayHealth
  • Easy-to-Switch Intuitive System
  • Comprehensive User Guides for Administrators, Schedulers, HR and Billing
  • Medical and Non-Medical Option SUpport
  • Multiple Locations
  • Van Routes Management
  • Remote Sign-In on Pickup, Arrival, Departure & Drop-Off
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Management
  • Payroll Provider Integration
  • Fraud Prevention Technologies
  • Multiple Security Levels with Delegation
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Unprecedented Transparency for Owners
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Mobile-Enabled User Application
  • Interoperability with Key Business Financial Systems
  • Initial and On-Going Training
  • Five-Star Live Person Support
  • Sofistcated Reports with Exporting

Client Scheduling & ADL

  • Visual Scheduling
  • Real-Time Case Schedule Monitoring
  • Automated Case Discharge and Schedule Status Changes
  • Easy-to-Fill Appointment Options
  • Secure In-Office Messaging
  • Multiple Locations
  • Van Routes Management
  • Remote Sign-In on Pickup, Arrival, Departure & Drop-Off
  • Activities of Daily Living Management
  • Medical & Diagnosis Profiles
  • Live Scheduling View
  • Automated Paper Timesheet Processing
  • GPS and Cellular Sign-In Tracking
  • Attendance Verification
  • Referral Management
  • Authorization & Notifications

Human Resources

  • Automated Compliance Population based on regulation in your state
  • Integrated Background and Immigration Checks
  • Integrated DOH Channel
  • Employee Time & Attendance Management
  • Mass Employee Notifications
  • Payroll In Minutes with Automated Audit
  • Secure Email and SMS Communication
  • Text & Email Notification to Out-Of-Compliance Employees in Advance
  • Mail Merge for Employee Mailing
  • DOL Handling Automation
  • InService Classes
  • Automated Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Billing & Payroll

  • Automated Account Receivables
  • Support for Billing All Insurance Companies, MLTC, CHAR and Medicaid
  • Seamless Integration with Clearing Houses such as MDOL and RelayHealth
  • Billing In Minutes with Automated Audit
  • Electronic Billing (EBilling)
  • E-Remittance with Automated EOP Processing
  • Invoice Forms: UB-04, 1500-2012 and dozens more generated in minutes
  • Invoices with Printed Timesheets
  • Real-Time Account Receivables Reports and Checkpoints

Real-Time Activity Snapshot

  • Over 150 Real-Time Reports on Clients, Scheduling, Employees, Billing and Payroll
  • Get Notified About Critical Issues
  • Daycenta's advanced communication is a highly efficient messaging and notification system that reaches owner, administrator, or your staff wherever they are, via text, phone or e-mail.

and more...


Low Cost of Entry and Ownership

You may find it interesting to note that the newest competitor’s software in the long-term care market is actually eight years old and completely outdated. The associated costs for these outdated patched softwares are priced at a premium level.

Daycenta is built with the latest technologies from the ground up. In comparison, our new Software as a Service (SaaS) model completely eliminates the high cost of entry and management for the growing adult day care market.

At an affordable price Daycenta delivers a top tier software package with five-star customer service and support.

72% of adult day cares are new*
15% are migrating from other software packages*

* The numbers based on customer surveys conducted by our company during the period from 2016-2020. Last updated December 1, 2020.

Another plus is that it's really fun to work with this incredible cloud-based software. I can check on schedules from anywhere: from home, or even in transit, solve any problems, find a replacement, etc.
Tural Abasov
Medical Day Care Owner

Customer-Centric Perspective

As a company, our mission is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients. We are proud of the fact that our clients depend on the finest management software. For us, it's incredibly rewarding to know that we have played a part in helping them grow and thrive.

Our comprehensive initial and on-going training, combined with our five-star live person support assure stress-free smooth adoption of Daycenta in your organization.

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Easy-to-Adopt System

Our starting point always begins with a relaxed client intake session, which can take place in person or over the phone. The next step is an internal detailed analysis of the client's specific needs and goals. During our portal configuration stage, this perspective is what triggered the development of a component-based architecture that allows clients to start and configure the system to support their existing needs. It is not one-size-fits-all.

Another advantage is that the architecture also addresses future expansion requirements and the need for scalable solutions.


Tell us about your organization

Let us better understand your company's workflow and find ways of optimizing your daily operation.

Let Daycenta become YOUR OWN system inside out.


Installation & Information Posting

We will customize our system to fit your organization's processes and improve them.

We will conduct quality assurance, live tests and code integrity verification.


Training & Launch

Personnel training before the launch will assure seamless adaption.

Support and maintenance are Daycenta's FIVE-STAR services we are most proud of.

Daycenta installation and configuration process is quick, reliable and seamless. You will be up in no time.

It's easy to get started. Schedule a demo of our solutions today. Dial 1(877) 775-5575 or click GET STARTED