Homecare Software Review: The Cost

New York -- September 28, 2019

If you run, manage, or own a home care agency or adult day care, chances are you depend heavily on traditional or no software. That's quite common, but one of the major problems that consistently happens is that your sales grow you watch your bottom line slowly head south. To say that it's frustrating is an understatement.

If this describes the challenges you face on a monthly basis, then this post will be very meaningful.

Today, we’ve decided to analyze the following:

  • What is the ACTUAL BOTTOM-LINE COST of
    traditional home care software?
  • Are there ALTERNATIVES?

Ask yourself the following question to gain insights into alternatives:

How many work hours has your home care software solution
actually replaced in a given week?

Let’s break it into categories:

1 How many actual work hours do your schedulers, or case coordinators spend on scheduling visits?
2 Are you able to determine the exact number of work hours spent on visit verification without using any electronic visit verification software? To be specific, it's the software that automatically tracks all confirmations.
3 How many weekly work hours are spent attempting to find replacements instead of using an automated map-based replacement search?
4 How many weekly work hours are spent converting visits into billable items for billing?
5 How much time is spent on critical areas of caregiver compliance checks and payroll?

Now, imagine if the following 5 answers replaced the 5 questions listed above in your work week:

1 Schedulers would spend 70 percent less time scheduling by using map-based Availability Search.
2 All confirmed visits using electronic visit verification will not require ANY time. You will only focus on no-shows, which generate instant notification.
3 Replacements with real-time multiple caregiver offers, are transmitted in minutes using text messaging and map features.
4 Completed appointments are immediately and automatically turned into invoices for billing.
5 All 42 compliance items in medical, hiring, in-service classes and evaluation were tracked automatically for all caregivers. No time was spent on doing Payroll due to automatic processing. Just like billing.

Let’s subtract the top 5 points from the bottom 5 to generate an approximate savings of 40 hours per 100 patient cases per week:

Based on the above, an extra staff member's annual pay is utilized for every 100 patients, or twice as much, if you are not deploying new and agile home care software that speaks to your bottom line.

Otherwise, you can just sit back and enjoy the benefits of your Carecenta homecare software.